Dr. Lowenstein specializes in a variety of services


Television and Radio

  • Frequently called upon as an expert resource for print, radio and broadcast media, including The Columbus Dispatch, The Lima News, The Norwalk Register, WBNS-TV, WSYX-TV, WNBC-TV, ONN-TV, 610WTVN radio, WSNY radio, the nationally syndicated radio program, Leeza Live, and numerous others.

Group Workshops

  • Offers numerous workshops and presentations to organizations around the country. His results-oriented programs are focused on each audience’s specific needs and challenges, and the presentations deliver a mix of valuable content, practical examples and group interaction. Depending on your needs, Dr. Lowenstein offers several options, ranging from an evening seminar to a half- or full-day workshop or even a series of customized workshops.

Guest Speaking

Therapeutic Services

  • Conducts therapy sessions with children, adolescents and adults in his Columbus, Ohio, office. Different modalities are available and vary according to the problem, ranging from individual or group to family and marital.

Expert Witness/Forensic Services

  • Frequently called upon for expert testimony regarding forensic matters. This includes custody evaluations, parenting capability exams, intellectual learning disability evaluations and other court-related work.

List of Topics

ADHD and Drug Use
ADHD and Girls
Adolescents Who Witness Tragedy
Adjustment Stages for the Incoming Freshman Student
Adjusting to the Empty Nest
Adolescence and Peer Relationships
Adolescents In Cyberspace
After-school activities are Important
Aggressive and Destructive Behaviors
Antisocial Behavior By Boys
Back-to-School Routines
Balancing Parenting With Work
Beating the Holiday Blues
Becoming a Parent at a Later Age
Bedtime With Your Child
Behavioral Problems in the Classroom
Better Grades -You Can Help!
Bi-Polar Disorder
Biting and Your Child
Building Social and Emotional Skills in Children
Cabin Fever: It Can be Dangerous
Camp Selection for Your Child
Child Abuse and Adult Depression
Child Obesity Epidemic
Child Sexual Abuse
Childhood Mental Illness
Children and Competition
Children and Lying
Children and Medication
Children and Nightmares
Children and Phobias
Children and Sleep
Children and Violence at School
Children Can Damage Your Health
Children of Alcoholics
Children of Divorce
Children Who Smoke Linked to Depression
Children Who Won't Go To School
Coping With Bulimia
Coping With Grief During the Holidays
Depressed Children
Depression and Atypical Behavior
Depression in the Elderly
Developing Your Child's Self Esteem
Discipline and Spanking
Divorcing Families
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorders
Effective Behavior Management
Effects from Exposure to Violence
Fathers in the Home
Five Horrible Habits of Children (and How to Cope With Them!)
Getting the Most Out of Parent-Teacher Conferences
Getting Your Child to Do Homework
Helping Children After a Disaster
Helping Children Cope With Disaster
Helping Kids Through Grief
Increased Drug Prescribed For Children
Intelligence and Children
Kids and Money
Kids and Summer Reading
Kids TV Viewing and Unsafe Behavior
Kids Who "Hate" School
Knowing Your Baby's Style
Latchkey Children
Long-term Ritalin Use
Making Day Care a Good Experience
Mid-life Crisis
Obese Children and Self-Esteem
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Overburdened Teens
Parent's Guide to Sibling Rivalry
Planning Ahead for the First Day of School
Potty Training
Predicting Adolescent-Adult Violence
Preparing Kids for Kindergarten
Raising Children to Resist Violence
Report Card Anxiety
School Bullies
Self-Esteem and Children
School Violence
Self Mutilation
Spanking and Psychiatric Disorders
Television and Children
Temper Tantrums
Ten Ways to Prevent Summer Boredom
Test Anxiety
Transitions: Middle to High School
Treating the Difficult Adolescent-Child
Understanding the Oppositional/Defiant Child
Video Games and Homework
Violence in the Workplace
Violence With Kids
Women and On-The-Job Stress
Youth and Sports
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