Coping with Anxiety during the Holidays


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    David, no matter how politely we tell relatives that we don’t wish to participate in a gift exchange, there’s always presents under the tree from them. This is sort of embarrassing and some kids have no social filter when it comes to pointing out who didn’t get an exchange gift.
    This is the most awkward part of the holiday for us and we can easily go from being embarrassed to getting angry. How do you recommend dealing with this in families?

  2. I completely understand your situation and would recommend that you again talk with these people and tell them in the clearest way possible that this has become a problem and that they have not been listening to you over the years about gifts, etc. If they cannot respect your wishes than they may not be welcome in your home in the future. Make it clear that you appreciate their company but not with gifts as it has complicated matters more than it needs to. Good Luck

  3. Along with this holiday season comes the New Year’s Resolutions that many of us make. So what resolutions will all of you be making this year – besides the one that states “I am making a resolution to not make any resolutions.”